New Holiday Markdowns!


What are your hours? 
Vestis is open from 11 AM - 7 PM Tuesday through Saturday, and 12 PM - 4 PM on Sunday.  We are closed Monday. 

From 01-10 through 03-01, we will be resuming our winter hours. The shop will be open from 11 AM - 6 PM Tuesday through Saturday, and 12 - 4 PM on Sunday.


Do you sell online?

Yes, start shopping now! 


Do you ship internationally? 

Yes, we do! Please contact me at 412-784-1112 or via email at so I can get an accurate shipping cost to you before you place your order.


I saw an item on your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter and would like to try it on or purchase it? Can I do that?

Feel free to email me at and I’d be happy to send you measurements and/or a more thorough description of the item in question.  If you wish to purchase something, we accept paypal and all major credit cards as payment. 


I heard about the Pittsburgh belt - is it in stock?  
The Pittsburgh belt has landed at Vestis.  Made by Camp Hero in New York City with all- 
American leather and beaded by hand.  The design depicts iconic Pittsburgh symbols including the civic crest and the yellow, red, and blue hypocycloid.


I saw something on the site that I'd like to purchase but I'm unsure if it'll fit.  What can I do?
Please contact me at 412-784-1112 or via email at We're dedicated to making sure you get the best-fitting garments possible!  I'll be happy to take measurements for the item in question and send them to you, thereby ensuring a great fit.  

How should I measure?
Take an item of clothing that fits you well already and measure that first, using this excellent guide - - I'll then take measurements of the item in question using the same method. Repeat until you've found your size!