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Cream and Rust Short Sleeve Sweatshirt


Merz B Schwanen

Cream and Rust Short Sleeve Sweatshirt

Merz B Schwanen's riffing on the classic sweatshirt - this is an 80s throwback style with a rust fabric on the sleeves and neckline and an ecru throughout the rest of the garment.  Merz knitwear is next-level - knit on vintage knitting machines called loopwheelers that work slowly but produce an incredible loopback fabric without side seams - this fabric is knit without tension and will retain its shape forever. Incredibly comfortable these come with inserts under the sleeve for  comfort, a thick hem and cuffs, and the traditional 'pizza slice' tab under the collar.  Made in Germany.  Model is 5'8" and 155 lbs and wears a size 5, corresponding to a medium.