Steve McQueen is renowned as a style icon the world over - his ethos of simple and functional style has built entire empires -  His influence can be felt all the way from the Todd Snyder + Champion collection to the Americana-loving French brand Cuisse de Grenoiuille. Perhaps it's telling that his style, typically described as "All American, " is avidly loved and reimagined by the French and the Japanese - it wasn't bound to a specific place and time and place.  It existed outside of it. 

Preppy in a well-cut v-neck and collared shirt on Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Man from the South , in a leather jacket and chinos in the Great Escape, or in a black turtleneck under a khaki trench coat in Row House's showing of Bullitt, dude always looked good.   His simple, functional, and above all personal style still looks on-point today, because he knew what worked for him, made sure it fit perfectly and didn't fake it. Here was a man as comfortable in a three-piece suit as in a tailored sweatshirt and chinos, atop a 1936 Indian Big Chief. His style can be always be imitated, but can never be duplicated because he knew what worked for him and owned it. 

Perhaps the one thing that everyone can take away from McQueen is that knowing what works for you, staying away from trends, and being true to what you like will take you far. McQueen's style, while unique, is truly democratic because it's attainable to anyone with a discerning eye and a little imagination. 

To that end, as a lover of both Steve McQueen and the movie Bullitt, Vestis is proud to partner with Row House Cinema to offer a 15% discount to anyone bearing a ticket stub from their showing of Bullitt, which will be playing until the 26th. And if you're interested in getting Bullitt style, you know where to find it. 

June 08, 2016 by Phil Romagni